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Mothers Out Front’s Me and White Supremacy Book Club

The Re-Education of White People in a Multi-Racial Movement for Climate Justice: Mothers Out Front’s Me and White Supremacy Book Club

The fight for climate justice needs a large enough movement to beat the fossil fuel industry, and this means that we must work across race and class to achieve it. The taught belief and practice in our country and world that whiteness is superior, or white supremacy, finds its roots in the same foundation as that of the climate crisis. In order to build a strong enough movement together, people with white privilege have to unlearn this ideology of white supremacy, engage in radical self-reflection, and learn how to become anti-racists. This book group is for people with white privilege who wish to do just that by reading Layla F. Saad’s book Me and White Supremacy and engaging in her journal prompts as a co-hort. The working group will launch on Tuesday, February 22 at 8-9pm ET, and the subsequent dates and times we meet will be determined jointly as a group in that first meeting.

Please purchase a copy of the book by our first meeting.