Fighting for the environment, one grassroots gathering at a time

Dottie Lamm of the Denver Post reports on grassroots organizations working to protect the climate in Colorado and Massachusetts.  Kelsey Wirth is interviewed about Mothers Out Front.

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Mothers unleash their organizing power on climate

“Having a man who denies climate change science in the White House poses a grave threat to all we hold dear,” says Kelsey Wirth, a parent of two who founded Mothers Out Front in 2013. “[But] we have the most potent counter to this: a growing movement of mothers who will stop at nothing to protect their kids.”

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AGs actions are a welcome demonstration of leadership

Corporations wield more power in American politics than any time since the Gilded Age.  Corporations spend $2.6B a year on lobbying.  For every dollar spent by public interest groups and labor unions together, large corporations and their trade associations now spend $34 (1).  The Citizens United Supreme Court decision in 2008 opened the floodgates of corporate spending on political elections by allowing unlimited so-called “soft money” expenditures.  Much of this money is impossible to track to its source.