Now More than Ever for Puerto Rico and Beyond

Once again we face the unimaginable. The footage of the damage in Puerto Rico easily conjures comparisons to post-apocalyptic fantasy. Maria ravaged the island upending the lives of its children and leaving their mothers desperate to provide what so many of us take for granted- water, electricity and food.

The devastation escalates the urgency of our work. Without question, the wreckage left behind by Harvey, Irma and Maria are symptoms of our changing climate. Our call to push decision makers to a swift, complete, and just transition away from fossil fuels and toward clean and renewable energy is more vital than ever.

Fighting for the environment, one grassroots gathering at a time

Dottie Lamm of the Denver Post reports on grassroots organizations working to protect the climate in Colorado and Massachusetts.  Kelsey Wirth is interviewed about Mothers Out Front.

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Mothers unleash their organizing power on climate

“Having a man who denies climate change science in the White House poses a grave threat to all we hold dear,” says Kelsey Wirth, a parent of two who founded Mothers Out Front in 2013. “[But] we have the most potent counter to this: a growing movement of mothers who will stop at nothing to protect their kids.”

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AGs actions are a welcome demonstration of leadership

Corporations wield more power in American politics than any time since the Gilded Age.  Corporations spend $2.6B a year on lobbying.  For every dollar spent by public interest groups and labor unions together, large corporations and their trade associations now spend $34 (1).  The Citizens United Supreme Court decision in 2008 opened the floodgates of corporate spending on political elections by allowing unlimited so-called “soft money” expenditures.  Much of this money is impossible to track to its source.