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Bedford, MA: Pumpkin Smash Composting Event

Bedford, MA: Pumpkin Smash Composting Event

Date: November 4, 2023
Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm ET
Location: John Glenn Middle School Parking Lot, 99 McMahon Rd., Bedford, Massachusetts, 01730

Come to the 2nd annual Pumpkin Smash in Bedford!

Food waste in our trash goes to incinerators or landfills. Both disposal methods result in greenhouse gases, most notoriously, methane, which is more than 85 times a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

Composting food waste has big benefits!

  • Creates healthy soil and food
  • Sequesters carbon
  • Reduces methane emissions
  • Produces jobs
  • Filters and cleans water while reducing runoff
  • For a healthy planet and for future generations, smash your pumpkins and learn about composting food waste!

A limited number of extra pumpkins will be on hand if you would like to participate and come learn about composting but don’t have pumpkins.

Please sign up for a specific 20-minute window.