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Brookline, MA: Testifying at the State House

Testifying at the State House


On June 22nd 2021, three members of the Zero Waste team of the Brookline chapter of Mothers Out Front testified at the virtual public hearing of The Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. They spoke in favor of 2 specific bills that were on the docket that day: H.869 the Omnibus Plastic bill (which would ban a slew of single use plastics in Massachusetts), and H.878 the Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging bill (which would make the manufacturers of packaging responsible for paying for the disposal of their products in Massachusetts). This was hopefully the first step of many that the Zero Waste team will take at the State House to help important waste reduction bills become law.

Screenshots of oral testimony from Wendy Stahl, Anne McKay, and Mary Sabolsi.

Wendy Stahl is a volunteer with Mothers Out Front in Brookline, MA. She is a mother of 2 young children, and extremely motivated to clean up our planet.