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Delivery of Zero Waste Letter Brookline Mothers out front July 2021
Action/ Updates

Brookline Mothers Urge Town to Get to Zero Waste


On July 12, 2021, twelve members of the Brookline chapter of Mothers Out Front hand-delivered a letter to Erin Gallentine, head of the Department of Public Works and John Dempsey of the Brookline Solid Waste Advisory Committee. The letter, signed by 355 town residents, outlined five achievable goals that Brookline could take to reduce and ultimately eliminate the town’s contribution to our growing landfill problem.

The proposals include Brookline reaching the following medium and long-term measurable goals:

  • Tracking, by weight, the recyclable solid waste, unrecyclable non-organic waste, and organic waste, with periodic reporting of same to measure progress
  • Banning organic waste from town garbage
  • Having schools, eating establishments and other relevant bodies use only reusable dishes and cutlery for eating in and compostable containers for take out meals
  • Pay as you throw, i.e., payment tied to weight of disposed items
  • Mechanism for a second hand market for construction and household items

Mothers Out Front believes these goals to be achievable as well as economical. Landfills are less and less available nearby, as well as being bad for the environment and those living near them. And their alternative– incinerators–can be even worse. Organic waste, which is about a third of all waste, can be turned into compost, thereby returning it to sustain rather than negatively affect the environment. One town’s elimination of single-use waste is a highly desirable environmental goal: if we do it, other cities and towns will see they can do it too.

See the delivery of our letter at the Facebook live (video) link!

Julia Herskowitz, Brookline resident and wanting to see a livable world for her grandchildren (and all others too).