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Photo of Geri Lambert
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Congratulations to Geri Lambert, member of Brookline Mothers Out Front


Geri was sworn in last week as the newest member of the town’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee. Lambert earned a Masters degree from Tufts specializing in solid waste management and engineering. Geri was Deputy Director for the Bureau of Waste Prevention at DEP for 7 years before she retired. She managed enforcement matters, including developing compliance and enforcement initiatives for DEP. Geri’s career in solid waste management at the Department of Environmental Protection has prepared her superbly for this assignment.

“My goal when I retired was to put my energy and experience into efforts to bring curbside composting to Brookline. After a 35 year career in solid waste management I know what doesn’t work”, Lambert said. With the challenges facing our state and our town in waste management, e.g. escalating costs, diminishing landfill sites, Geri’s expertise will be invaluable on SWAC.

Geri is the second member of Brookline Mothers Out Front serving on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee. Deane Cody has served on SWAC for many years and played a key role in creating the Brookline Zero Waste Plan which was adopted three years ago.