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Massachusetts Advocates Ask Governor to Act with Urgency!

Massachusetts Advocates Ask Governor to Act with Urgency!

MASSACHUSETTS | New Member Perspective

Each month, the Massachusetts chapter of Mothers Out Front comes together for a virtual Climate Action Call.

As a new member of Mothers Out Front, this was my first chance to join with over 80 other people to take action. During the 45 minute call, presenters Diane Sokal (Mothers Out Front) and Tina Grosowsky (Elders Climate Action) gave clear, relevant background about the recently adopted Climate Law in Massachusetts.

An Act Creating a Next Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy sets statewide goals of reducing emissions  50% by 2030, and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Governor Baker and his administration will be responsible for creating the programs and policies, such as a strong net zero stretch code, required to achieve those goals.

This is where our collective action came in. Each of the over 80 participants spent 15 minutes writing handwritten, personalized letters to Governor Baker. As I glanced up occasionally at the zoom gallery from my own writing, I was powerfully reminded just how many other people are working toward a safe, liveable future. Everyone looked lost in thought, feverishly writing. As the time wound down, participants typed in some of their favorite lines from their letters:

Too many people in power are moving too slowly to confront the climate emergency.  Please don’t be one of them!”

Felicia, Amherst

Do what you did with COVID, press briefs with updates so we can know how all of our individual and collective efforts are doing.”

Catherine, Cambridge

I expect regular updates on actual progress, not just restatement of goals.”

Gretchen, West Roxbury

Your departments need to create a vibrant, creative, educational media campaign to lead Massachusetts residents forward on their path to understanding why and how we need to transition in a fair and just way to clean energy!”

Tina, Hudson

Governor Baker, let’s lead the nation on responding to the climate emergency.”

Lois, Cambridge

I came to my first Climate Action Call not completely knowing what to expect. In 45 minutes, I left not only having taken action, but also having learned more about what is happening specifically in Massachusetts with climate policy, and being in community with others all working to advance our collective work for the planet.

Join us in writing to the Governor! Instructions can be found here.

Katie Bruno is a volunteer with Mothers Out Front in Andover. She is a mother of a toddler and a preschooler, and a teacher.