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East Boston

Mothers Out Front East Boston is raising awareness of local air pollution in East Boston, as well as actions families can take to protect and advocate for themselves.

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Pollution and Solutions

Four Solutions
  1. Win an Austin Air HEPA air purifier
  2. Adopt A Tree
  3. Air Partners real time air quality app
  4. Engage with our elected officials to make change

In addition

  • Stop burning fossil fuels in your kitchen (Health report on gas stoves)
  • Stop burning fossil fuels in your basement (Use heat pumps)
  • Make sure your electricity is made with green and clean energy (learn about Boston’s new Community Choice Electricity plan

The Problem:

East Boston air pollution

Our planet is warming due to our increased use of fossil fuels. Emissions from air travel make up a large part of our global emissions that are contributing to climate change. We only have a short time to make big changes until the damage to our planet is so great that we can no longer control the outcomes. 

Jet fuel contains ultrafine particulates, pollution particles so small that they enter the lungs and pass the blood barrier. This can harm not only our respiratory and cardiovascular systems but can have damaging effects on the developing organs of children as well as pregnant women, sometimes resulting in premature birth.

Inhaling toxins generated by airports and roadway congestion can have major effects on the health and development of East Boston kids. Children in heavily polluted areas of East Boston are:

  • 3-4 times more likely to experience symptoms of asthma than children in other neighborhoods
  • 2x as likely to experience COPD (chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease)
  • More likely to experience negative impacts on development and school performance

Air pollution disproportionately affects people of color:

  • 68% of Latinos live in areas that do not meet federal air quality standards compared to 58% of whites.
  • African-American children have the highest prevalence of asthma.
  • Latinos on average breathe in 63 percent more of the pollution than they make. For African-Americans the figure is 56 percent. Non-Latino whites on average are exposed to 17 percent less air pollution than they make.

Hear how air pollution affects members of East Boston in this Community Audio Story.

East Boston saw the highest COVID rates in the city of Boston. Increased exposure to ultrafine particulate pollution matter has led to a large increase in COVID-19 death rates.

A solution: HEPA air purifiers

Mothers Out Front East Boston is tackling these issues head on with real solutions. Our campaign calls upon Massport to provide HEPA air filters to our community, beginning with our public schools. Austin Air HEPA filters remove 75-82% of ultrafine pollution particles, and can also remove the COVID-19 virus from the air. We also support a number of initiatives to protect and grow our trees, nature’s outdoor air filters.

Take Action

There are a number of ways you can protect yourself, advocate for your family, and help our campaign:

Questions for the Audio Story

  • How has air pollution affected you?
  • How does polluted air in East Boston make you feel?
  • What do you think could be done differently?


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