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Massachusetts Legislative Priorities


Mothers Out Front Massachusetts is campaigning for new legislation while ensuring the implementation of key parts of the Next-Generation Roadmap for Climate law we advocated for last session. Our members are developing relationships with their legislators and helping to move our priorities forward by asking them to attend briefings, to cosponsor bills and to champion them. See below for actions to take.

Our top legislative priorities align with the Mothers Out Front Mass Campaign for Clean Heat, Clean Air.

Our Campaign legislative priorities are:

Clean Heat

We need large-scale solutions to transition our homes and buildings off fossil fuels to healthy, safe energy sources. We need state policy and investments by all levels of government to make this happen.

  • The Future of Heat Act S.2148 / H.3298 Sponsors: Ehrlich, Creem
  • Local Option for Building Electrification H.2167 / S.1333 Sponsors: Gouveia, Eldridge
  • Building Justice with Jobs Act H3365 / S2226 Sponsors: Robinson, Pacheco

Clean Air

We must halt the expansion of dirty energy facilities, which already place an unfair burden on nearby neighborhoods suffering toxic pollution and greater harm from Covid.

  • Energy Facilities Siting Reform H3336 / S2135 Sponsors: Madaro, Boncore
  • Improve Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality for Communities Burdened by Transportation Pollution H2230 / ‌‌S1447 Sponsors: Barber‌, Connolly,‌ Jehlen‌ ‌

For talking points about these bills see the Clean Heat, Clean Air Priority Bills Fact Sheet.

Get Involved!

Know Your Legislators!

  • Find your State Legislators’ phone numbers and email; look them up here. Once you’ve got their contact information, keep it handy on your phone or your fridge, and use it often! Our representatives rarely hear from their constituents more than once and a small group of Mothers can have a big impact by asking for their Rep to be a climate champion and checking back regularly to see what they did since you last talked. They work for us and our children, so get to know them.


Background on the Massachusetts Legislature

Slides on Meeting with Elected Officials

Get to know your legislator form