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Gas Leaks in West Roxbury 

There are 200 reported gas leaks in West Roxbury!

  • Utilities pass the cost of leaking gas to ratepayers like YOU!
  • Natural gas is METHANE, a fossil fuel.  Leaking methane traps heat and warms the planet even more than CARBON DIOXIDE.
  • Boston’s cast-iron gas pipe system, one of the oldest in the country, leaks like crazy.  To replace all the old pipes in Massachusetts would cost over $70 million!
  • Gas leaks can explode, as one did in West Roxbury in 2018 maps reported gas leaks annually.  This shows reported West Roxbury leaks as of 2019.


Health Effects from Gas Stove Pollution

Natural Gas is an unhealthy source of indoor air pollution.

Across the United States, millions of homes and apartments rely on gas appliances for heating and cooking. Burning gas in buildings is not only a threat to climate action but also to human health, as these appliances are sources of indoor air pollution. Gas stoves, particularly when unvented, can be a primary source of indoor air pollution. What’s more, a robust body of scientific research shows the pollutants released by gas stoves can have negative health effects, often exacerbating respiratory conditions like asthma.”

Read more here from the Rocky Mountain Institute, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Mothers Out Front, Sierra Club.

Leaking gas kills trees

If a public tree has died near a gas leak, call 311 and say so.  The City of Boston can request reimbursement from the gas utility for replacing killed trees.

Mothers Out Front is mobilizing in West Roxbury.  Join us!