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The Northampton Area Chapter of Mothers Out Front welcomes everyone – mothers, fathers, nonbinary parents, and non-parents – to join us in our fight for a livable climate.


We’re glad you found us. 

The Northampton Area Chapter of the Massachusetts Mothers out Front believes we have power when we work together to make change. Our Northampton Chapter is part of a strong statewide network.  Our focus is to ensure that we transition away from fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable energy, and that we embody sustainable practices for a healthy ecosystem. We welcome new members from the surrounding towns including Easthampton and the Hilltowns. Our chapter collaborates closely with the Amherst Chapter.

Change the future of the planet

There are actions we can take everyday, individually and in partnership, that will slow and reduce the effects of climate change. We take these actions for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. Please contact us to see what you can do. 


Our Local Campaigns

The Northampton Area Chapter will be working on initiatives in 2022 that support a transition to community owned utilities, food waste composting in the Northampton public schools, and anti-idling awareness and ordinances.

Food, Waste, Soil Health Campaign

We will give support to composting efforts being set up in the Northampton and Easthampton school districts. These programs are a practical and effective way to reduce the volume of food waste. Because the programs are educational, children can learn and then share the information and their passion with their families. Healthy soil sequesters carbon, and composting improves the health of the soil. This work supports the goals of our statewide Healthy Soils Action Group.

Anti-idling Campaign

Did you know it’s illegal in MA to idle in a car for more than 5 minutes?

Recent efforts in Easthampton, MA brought moms together to teach children and raise awareness about the problem of cars and buses idling outside of our public schools. Together they asked parents and school staff to sign pledges to not idle at drop-off points, or in areas where children’s health could be affected by vehicle emissions.

Our Northampton chapter intends to continue to focus public attention on the health impacts of emissions caused by vehicle idling, especially when it happens next to our schools. Our goal is to organize a no-idling ordinance for Northampton around schools.

Get Involved

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you make.”

Dr. Jane Goodall

The fight for a livable future needs all of us! Take action now. Start small or jump right in.

Volunteer in Northampton

One of the best ways to start is to join us at our bi-monthly meetings, currently on Zoom. Throughout the year we also organize quick actions you can take, like writing postcards, participating in standouts, and making phone calls to elected officials.

Join our mailing list to read about what we’re doing and to be informed about meetings and events.

Join Us at an Event

Mothers Out Front Massachusetts offers monthly Welcome Calls for new members, monthly Climate Action Calls, which are guided, quick and effective actions, among other events. See all upcoming events here.

Get in Touch

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