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Community Choice Electricity in Boston


How to switch to 100% renewable energy in Boston

Our clean, green future will increasingly be powered by clean, green electricity, and this transition will be better for our health and better for our climate.  If there were a choice to speed up this transition, would you opt in?

Many Massachusetts towns and cities, including Boston, now have programs that purchase cleaner sources of electricity for their residents.  By purchasing electricity for the whole city, Boston’s Community Choice Electricity (CCE) is able to negotiate competitive, stable rates for electricity made from more renewable sources of energy.  Participation in CCE helps speed our transition to clean electricity while reducing regional air pollution from fossil fuels, a win in so many ways.  That is why Mothers Out Front is so excited about Boston’s CCE program.

Did you know it is now possible to purchase electricity made with all renewable energy sources?  If you are able to afford the slightly higher rates for the 100% green energy electricity option under CCE, we hope you will opt in! The more our electricity comes from regional renewable wind and solar sources, the cleaner our air gets and healthier our future looks.  Everything you need for opting in to 100% green electricity can be found on the City of Boston’s CCE website.

Unfortunately, some people have been sold electricity products that sound like Boston’s CCE but are not.  You can check your electricity bill to find your supplier and rates.  If you have a commercial supplier with higher rates, you can call and ask to switch to CCE.  If you are told there is a fee to switch, we suggest you contact the office of the MA Attorney General.  Under CCE, there is no fee to switch products.

Since CCE is such good news, we hope you will help spread the word.  Will you take the pledge to share this email with three friends who might be interested in 100% clean, green electricity at a rate that is only pennies more? Sharing information helps protect people from deceitful marketing practices and allows people to take action for cleaner air now and a healthier climate future.


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